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Currently I co-organizes weekly Movement Improvisation Sessions called Playdates.  The purpose of this practice is to study concepts, which inform choice making inside a group improvisation.


Inside the sessions we focus on the relationship between movers while exploring the use of space, time and dynamics.  Through exercises offered from all participants, we explore these concepts while promoting trust, vulnerability and creative play within the group.  Playdates is a social space fostering thoughtful dialogue and the expansion of ideas.

These sessions are organized and moderated by Mary Madsen and Carmen Caceres. Visit Movement Playdates for more information.

Independently I also offer classes and workshops based on performance skills for proscenium and immersive environments. In these workshops I use improvisation as well as set material to talk about focus, gaze, connection, and relationship to the audience. Through active listening, the workshops also research what it means to respond to the energy of our surroundings whether site specific or with other bodies. We ask, how can we open our awareness and allow our dancing bodies to test the limits in class, rehearsal, and performance?  

Contact me for more information. 

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